Bout Time Charters FAQ

How many people can you take on your boat?
Up to 6

What are your age restrictions?
Fishing is a great experience for all ages! If they can wear a child’s size life jacket we are good to go! Please inform us of any children you plan to bring so we can make sure we have the right number and size of life jackets.

Can you take physically or mentally challenged individuals?
Yes please call to discuss. We will try to accommodate everyone if possible.

How far off shore can we fish?
Up to 9 miles off shore

Do you take families?
Absolutely! Families are awesome. I love teaching young ones to carry on the sport. Plenty of interaction for all ages.

Do you fish year round?
Yes, I do enjoy other sports in the “off season” such has hunting, snowboarding, surfing and fly fishing myself. But fish bite all year here! Give me a call when you are planning your trip and we can discuss availability.

Do you offer other trips than fishing?
Yes. Sight seeing, eco-tours, dolphin cruises, sunset cruises. We can customize your trip. Bird watching in the fall is great. We can also go watch the Blue Angels. When the Blues are in town they practice on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

What is the best way to know what is biting?
Check us out on Facebook! We post pictures frequently.

What is the best way to reach you?
Give me a call at 850-380-1671 or send an email to Please do leave a message, I promise to return your call as quickly as I can. I am often on a trip and giving my attention to the customers on their trip. I do not use a booking service, so when you call me, you’ll talk to the person who is going to take you fishing!